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February 18, 2010

I Love My New Eyeshadow Palette!

I've loved anything make up since before I was allowed to wear it. I remember applying eyeliner in Junior High and then washing my face with hand soap when school let out and before I went home. Rubbing it off was a mission, using the hard brown old-school paper towels that must have done some serious damage to my skin!
Since make up has been my passion, I've always purchased it regardless what brand it was, where I was purchasing it or if it was a good product or not. With time, I had some sort of collection...but all but few were products that either did not last more than two hours or were not worth the money I paid!
This is very true with most Avon eyeshadows. Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge Avon fan...I've been a customer for years! Always on the lookout for an Avon Rep so I can become their biggest customer...always loving the idea to shop from a catalog I guess and not having to physically go into a store to make the purchase (hmmm, I guess that's why I love to shop online also!) Most of the eyeshadows I would purchase would not be true to the color swatch and would definitely not last more than a few hours. Recently I purchased an eyeshadow palette from Coastalscents.com - and I was blown away by how much the colors are pigmented and how true-to-color they are! With just one swipe you have the right amount of intensity and they last all day! I purchased the 88 Color Palette in December and in January I just had to have the 88 Warm Palette...which was only $24.95, definitely the best product for my money in recent months! I also purchased mineralized eyeshadow samples for only 95 cents!! Enough product comes in each sample for at least 20 uses! I can't beat that with any other product I purchase elsewhere.
So I'm done with paying $4 for an eyeshadow that won't last at all or $14.50 for just a single one!

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