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February 14, 2010

Valentine's Day

Valentines Day came too early this year...really, it did! About two weeks ago my friend asked the dreadful question "what are you doing for Valentine's Day?". Considering my husband and I don't really believe in the whole idea of waiting until February 14th to remind each other that I love him and he loves me...and of course in all previous years finding it way too difficult to celebrate it without our four kids deciding on where to have dinner and doing away with the slight bit of romance...I laughed at the question and simply answered "girl, we never do anything". There really wasn't any bitterness to my answer, although using the word "never" was in fact stretching it a little. Of course we've celebrated the day, but not necessarily on THAT day, maybe the day or weekend before, but it's always been in our own way, bypassing the 3 hour long wait at Olive Garden and the expensive gifts we really don't need!
So when my friend and I were discussing Valentines Day and how over rated it is, she asked if my husband and I would like to join them for a Vegas get away the week AFTER Valentines.....I jumped on it and quickly said yes!..without even thinking about it or discussing it with my husband - and those two put together was really strange for me to do! But, my logic was, this would be "our own way" we would celebrate Valentines.....a very good excuse...uhmm, I mean, "reason".
In reality, I'm not a huge Vegas fan. I don't like gambling, I can't stay up the entire night without sleeping in the entire next day, and I hate the smell of smoke! So why do I like going to Vegas......to shop, eat and party! Well when I say party, by that I mean get all dressed up, go out to a dance club, and people watch! I get a good show, a fun evening, and quality bonding time with my hubby all wrapped into one!...and we don't have to pay over $100 for the tickets!
So our Vegas weekend is planned. But for some strange reason I thought Valentines day fell on a Monday this year, not realizing that Monday was February 15th not 14th... So when my daughter walked up to me early sunday morning and said "happy valentines day mommy" -- I thought SHE was off! Needless to say I forgot. Even if we don't "traditionally" celebrate Valentines day - we always remember and acknowledge the day. I questioned myself for forgetting Valentines Day, it's always on the same day, February 14th, where was my head??...but I haven't been able to find an answer to that question...My husband was a bit hurt, or maybe it was just me that felt guilty...? Oh well, our trip to Vegas will make up for it!

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