Tip Of The Day

For thick, lush lashes, dust loose powder on lashes using a shadow brush before applying mascara.

March 10, 2010

Couture at Payless??

Payless Shoe Source and I go way back! As a kid I remember that's all mom would buy us. As I got into my teens, Payless became uncool, and Vans or Creepers were the shoes to have. But, unless I saved my own money, that's what mom could afford and what I had to wear. I remember trying to remove or cover up the Coasters logo, and the shoes not lasting too long, which would make mom upset. But back in those days there wasn't such criticism on what brand you wore like there is now. I think that's probably why, with time, Payless stepped it up (get it?) and worked on the integrity and quality of their shoes. When my son was little, I still had the idea that Payless shoes were not cool and were of poor quality and that I would get what I paid for. So it wasn't until my youngest daughter was born that I "rediscovered" Payless Shoes! I was surprised to find name brand companies such as Airwalk, Champion, American Eagle, Disney and Nickelodeon joining together with Payless! I've shopped at Payless throughout these years, but with time, I've gotten the feeling that a few prices are a bit too high for "Payless Shoes". I'm not sure if I still have that old stereotype in my head, but I feel like I can find better prices elsewhere. Maybe the fact that they are now partnered up with these brand names, the price point has to be accordingly. This week I received an email from them showcasing their new higher end line by Christian Siriano, Project Runway's 4th season winner. Could it be, couture at Payless?? I would love this idea if the price was reasonable, but the fact that they are bringing in couture to Payless at $79 just doesn't sit well with me. I'm sure it's a much better price than that of the department store, but I mean, if I didn't mind spending $79 for a pair of shoes, it wouldn't be from Payless! Again, not sure if it's that stereotype that I can't get over, but couture at Payless doesn't sound right, and $79 at Payless sounds even worse! Yet, I'm sure this will be great for Christian Siriano as an up and coming designer, but I would have rather him partner with a different store.
Let me know what you think...or help me get over that stereotype!

March 9, 2010


Moisturizers have always been part of my daily regimen. Even in my early twenties with perefct skin, I never skipped on moisturizing my face. Now in my thirties, it's not only a part of my daily skin care routine, it's a must! As I've aged, my skin has become more problematic, more sensitive and noticeably duller with the monthly hormonal stages. I've been on the search for a great daytime moisturizer to wear under makeup and ended up with the classic Oil of Olay products. I remember this brand from commercials as a child, from my mom using this product and especially from the old hip hop classic Ladi Dadi.
I don't have to order it from a catalog or spend hundreds on it...it's right at my price point and I can find it almost anywhere!
I began with the Active Hydrating Fluid, and although I did like it, I think it was too light for my thirsty skin. My skin would have loved it when I was in my twenties though! 
I moved away from the Olay Originals line, and purchased the Complete All Day UV moisturizer. I was very happy with this moisturizer (and it's price) for about six months, and then noticed yet another change in my skin. So now I've come to grips with reality and moved on to their Age Defying line of products. How the hec did this happen! But more so, WHEN did this happen?!
My current daily mositurizer is the Anti Wrinkle Lotion with SPF. My skin seems to love it. Not too light, not too heavy...just the right amount of moisture it needs, and it's great under makeup! And for the days that I don't feel like wearing make up? Well, for those days I use Regenerist UV Defense Lotion + SPF & Touch of Foundation. Because regardless of how lazy I feel or if it's just going to be a quick run to the grocery store, I just can't go out looking like a zombie! No one should walk out of their homes looking lifeless! My tinted mositurizer and a little gloss and I'm good to go!
Well, I think the next time I write about facial moisturizers, I'll be reviweing Olay's Proffessional line for those with deep set wrinkles and 50+ or their "Stop Thinking You're Young and Deal With It" line of products...

March 8, 2010

Beautiful Mica Powders!

I just got around to testing out the Mica powders I ordered from Coastal Scents...and I love them! Mica is a natural mineral that can be opalescent, sparkling or matte. Mica powder is purified and crushed mica mineral that is available in a variety of different colors. These powders are then used to add color to a wide range of products like lipsticks, rouges, candles or even soaps! As a cosmetic, you can use mica powder as an eyeshadow, a lipstain or nail polish. I'm going to use them as eyeshadows and nail polishes. The plastic baggies are the sample size, I love the fact that I can purchase a sample before I make a decision to buy the full product! Did I mention the sample amount is 1 teaspoon and is only $1.00! I bought these small containers and each baggie filled up two! These colors are wonderful...can't wait to try them out. I will post a few pictures as soon as I wear them. If you get any of these, let me know what you think or send me some pics!

March 4, 2010

Eye Lips Face Cosmetics

If you haven't tried any ELF products, well now would be a perfect time! Elf is currently shipping orders for only $1.98 with a $15 minimum purchase by using coupon code shipfor198 at checkout! That's a great deal beacuse most of ELF products are only $1 each!! So those $15 can buy you 15 different items!!
If you're new to ELF I would suggest you browse through their entire website before you add items to your cart, because it's kind of like when you walk into a 99 cent store only to buy one thing yet you end up walking out with 40!!(Or is that only me??) Visit their website at www.eyeslipsface.com. If you place an order let me know what your thoughts are!

March 2, 2010

Favorite Item

My favorite February products are all made by Garnier Fructis. There were other products that could've been on the list, but none were used as much as the Garnier Fructis items. I started using some of these Garnier products a few months back, but it wasn't until last month that I found myself choosing these items over others when shopping. If I had to pick just one out of them, it would have to be the Fortifying Deep Conditioner. It's a 3 minute hair mask for frizzy, dry or unmanageable hair that you apply right after shampooing. This product intensely moisturizes hair to control any frizz it also contains oils to improve texture and manageability. It smooths my hair completely...I've noticed a big difference in my hair since I began using it.
If you asked me to pick the second top favorite, it would have to be the Garnier Leave-in Conditioner. This product also moisturizes hair and helps smooth and manage dry frizzy hair. This product alone works great, but combined with the Deep Conditioner - your hair will dramatically feel and look healthier! Usually after I rinse off the 3 minute conditioning mask, I'll towel dry my hair and apply the leave in conditioning cream and then style as usual. I use alot of heat elements on my hair, and and top of all that I color it about every 2-3 months...so I absolutely need a product that is going to nourish and moisturize it after all the stress it goes through. Try any of these out for a while and leave me a comment on how it worked for you.

I received the Coastal Scents Warm palette...and I've been using it everyday since I got it! Because many of the colors are neutral shades, they can be used alone for day time wear or with deeper tones for a fun night out! Colors range from pale matte ivories to gold tone shimmers to deep browns, blacks and plums. Like I previously mentioned, these shades are highly pigmented, very comparable to MAC or Smashbox eyeshadows...but definitely without the high price!

Sigma Face Brush Travel Kit

One of my February favorites has to be the Sigma Makeup Travel Kit in Naughty In Black. It includes 7 makeup brushes; Powder brush SS150, Foundation brush SS190, Large contour brush SS168, Concealer brush SS194, Pencil brush SS219, Tapered blending brush SS224, Eye shading brush SS239 and as a free gift, I also received a free Foundation/Bronzing brush SS187 and brush pouch - all this for only $49! The travel pouch makes it convenient to grab and go without having to worry about damaging your brushes. The brushes are all soft and of great quality, definitely one of my favorite purchases!