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March 10, 2010

Couture at Payless??

Payless Shoe Source and I go way back! As a kid I remember that's all mom would buy us. As I got into my teens, Payless became uncool, and Vans or Creepers were the shoes to have. But, unless I saved my own money, that's what mom could afford and what I had to wear. I remember trying to remove or cover up the Coasters logo, and the shoes not lasting too long, which would make mom upset. But back in those days there wasn't such criticism on what brand you wore like there is now. I think that's probably why, with time, Payless stepped it up (get it?) and worked on the integrity and quality of their shoes. When my son was little, I still had the idea that Payless shoes were not cool and were of poor quality and that I would get what I paid for. So it wasn't until my youngest daughter was born that I "rediscovered" Payless Shoes! I was surprised to find name brand companies such as Airwalk, Champion, American Eagle, Disney and Nickelodeon joining together with Payless! I've shopped at Payless throughout these years, but with time, I've gotten the feeling that a few prices are a bit too high for "Payless Shoes". I'm not sure if I still have that old stereotype in my head, but I feel like I can find better prices elsewhere. Maybe the fact that they are now partnered up with these brand names, the price point has to be accordingly. This week I received an email from them showcasing their new higher end line by Christian Siriano, Project Runway's 4th season winner. Could it be, couture at Payless?? I would love this idea if the price was reasonable, but the fact that they are bringing in couture to Payless at $79 just doesn't sit well with me. I'm sure it's a much better price than that of the department store, but I mean, if I didn't mind spending $79 for a pair of shoes, it wouldn't be from Payless! Again, not sure if it's that stereotype that I can't get over, but couture at Payless doesn't sound right, and $79 at Payless sounds even worse! Yet, I'm sure this will be great for Christian Siriano as an up and coming designer, but I would have rather him partner with a different store.
Let me know what you think...or help me get over that stereotype!

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