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March 9, 2010


Moisturizers have always been part of my daily regimen. Even in my early twenties with perefct skin, I never skipped on moisturizing my face. Now in my thirties, it's not only a part of my daily skin care routine, it's a must! As I've aged, my skin has become more problematic, more sensitive and noticeably duller with the monthly hormonal stages. I've been on the search for a great daytime moisturizer to wear under makeup and ended up with the classic Oil of Olay products. I remember this brand from commercials as a child, from my mom using this product and especially from the old hip hop classic Ladi Dadi.
I don't have to order it from a catalog or spend hundreds on it...it's right at my price point and I can find it almost anywhere!
I began with the Active Hydrating Fluid, and although I did like it, I think it was too light for my thirsty skin. My skin would have loved it when I was in my twenties though! 
I moved away from the Olay Originals line, and purchased the Complete All Day UV moisturizer. I was very happy with this moisturizer (and it's price) for about six months, and then noticed yet another change in my skin. So now I've come to grips with reality and moved on to their Age Defying line of products. How the hec did this happen! But more so, WHEN did this happen?!
My current daily mositurizer is the Anti Wrinkle Lotion with SPF. My skin seems to love it. Not too light, not too heavy...just the right amount of moisture it needs, and it's great under makeup! And for the days that I don't feel like wearing make up? Well, for those days I use Regenerist UV Defense Lotion + SPF & Touch of Foundation. Because regardless of how lazy I feel or if it's just going to be a quick run to the grocery store, I just can't go out looking like a zombie! No one should walk out of their homes looking lifeless! My tinted mositurizer and a little gloss and I'm good to go!
Well, I think the next time I write about facial moisturizers, I'll be reviweing Olay's Proffessional line for those with deep set wrinkles and 50+ or their "Stop Thinking You're Young and Deal With It" line of products...

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