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March 8, 2010

Beautiful Mica Powders!

I just got around to testing out the Mica powders I ordered from Coastal Scents...and I love them! Mica is a natural mineral that can be opalescent, sparkling or matte. Mica powder is purified and crushed mica mineral that is available in a variety of different colors. These powders are then used to add color to a wide range of products like lipsticks, rouges, candles or even soaps! As a cosmetic, you can use mica powder as an eyeshadow, a lipstain or nail polish. I'm going to use them as eyeshadows and nail polishes. The plastic baggies are the sample size, I love the fact that I can purchase a sample before I make a decision to buy the full product! Did I mention the sample amount is 1 teaspoon and is only $1.00! I bought these small containers and each baggie filled up two! These colors are wonderful...can't wait to try them out. I will post a few pictures as soon as I wear them. If you get any of these, let me know what you think or send me some pics!

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