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March 2, 2010

Favorite Item

My favorite February products are all made by Garnier Fructis. There were other products that could've been on the list, but none were used as much as the Garnier Fructis items. I started using some of these Garnier products a few months back, but it wasn't until last month that I found myself choosing these items over others when shopping. If I had to pick just one out of them, it would have to be the Fortifying Deep Conditioner. It's a 3 minute hair mask for frizzy, dry or unmanageable hair that you apply right after shampooing. This product intensely moisturizes hair to control any frizz it also contains oils to improve texture and manageability. It smooths my hair completely...I've noticed a big difference in my hair since I began using it.
If you asked me to pick the second top favorite, it would have to be the Garnier Leave-in Conditioner. This product also moisturizes hair and helps smooth and manage dry frizzy hair. This product alone works great, but combined with the Deep Conditioner - your hair will dramatically feel and look healthier! Usually after I rinse off the 3 minute conditioning mask, I'll towel dry my hair and apply the leave in conditioning cream and then style as usual. I use alot of heat elements on my hair, and and top of all that I color it about every 2-3 months...so I absolutely need a product that is going to nourish and moisturize it after all the stress it goes through. Try any of these out for a while and leave me a comment on how it worked for you.


  1. I saw your video on YouTube and am following now =D

  2. Thanks! I will be contacting you soon! =)

  3. Hi Nelly :) So, I love reading your opinions on these many different products. I have to highly agree with your choice of Primer Potion..Urban Decay brand..THE BEST! And because of your review, I will be purchasing the CS Warm Palette! I also liked your review on the Garnier Fortifying Deep Conditioner...I will definitely buy it as I deal with a lot of dryness and frizziness :( I'll keep you updated on my experience with that product!


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